Manure Handling

Manure Handling

Manure Handling

Manure processing

BouMatic supplies a complete range of products for managing and processing the manure on your farm. These are operated by chain, rope or hydraulics: A suitable BouMatic manure scraper is always available for your barn. The result: a clean floor and maximum hygiene. BouMatic also supplies a range of equipment for processing manure, such as manure pumps, mixers, submersible pumps, and phase separators.

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Manure scraper

If you’re interested in buying a manure scraper to muck out your barn, BouMatic offers various options for solid manure, slurry, mixed waste, liquid manure, and straw manure. Choose from a chain-driven manure scraper, hydraulic manure scraper, or rope-driven manure scraper.

Chain-driven manure scraper

BouMatic supplies various types of chain-driven manure scraper for cleaning barns and slatted floors. The Dragon manure scraper with straight chain is particularly suitable for dairy farms with solid manure, and available in two versions: a V-shaped scraper and a straight scraper. The scraper works flexibly and autonomously, cleans the barn automatically, and requires little maintenance.

The Triton 13 manure scraper is a versatile chain-driven manure scraper for dealing with mixed waste. The clever design of this scraper makes it suitable for aisles with different sizes, and it cleans perfectly wherever it’s used. This BouMatic chain-driven manure scraper is a simple solution for scraping aisles with liquid manure or straw manure.

Hydraulic manure scraper

The Falcon scraper is operated hydraulically and designed for solid manure. It’s ideal for barns with straw bedding. This BouMatic hydraulic manure scraper is exceptionally strong and durable. The hydraulic manure scraper is available in two versions: a V-shaped manure scraper and a heavy-duty straight manure scraper.

Manure scraper with rope

The BouMatic Typhoon Scraper is rope-driven, and designed for cleaning aisles covered with slurry. This manure scraper is a simple and effective solution for cleaning a dairy barn. The rope-driven manure scraper is available in three versions: a V-shaped scraper, a straight scraper, and a Delta scraper.

Pumping and mixing manure

Strangko, a BouMatic subsidiary, supplies a wide range of products for manure processing: manure pumps, transfer pumps, manure mixers, and slurry mixers.

The vertical shredding pump is a combination pump for managing manure in a lagoon. This pump is a 4-in-1 solution, as it can pump, mix, transfer, and blend manure. The submersible shredding pump is suitable for both slurry and thicker manure, thanks to its adjustable blades.

Submersible mixers and slalom mixers are fitted with a tripled-bladed screw, so they mix a higher volume of manure. The direction of rotation of the blades can be reversed, so these mixers can both suck and press manure. The piston pump is the best solution for thick manure. The hydraulic system of this slurry pump can transfer slurry, even in semi-thick form.

Together, the cyclone and screw pump offer a complete solution for dealing with manure. The cyclone cuts slurry and thicker manure, while the screw pump sucks in manure. This combination creates a homogeneous product with evenly-sized particles.

The phase separator separates slurry into two components: a solid part that can be used as manure or bedding, and a liquid part that can be easily pumped or spread with a slurry tank or irrigation system. Strangko also supplies mobile phase separators, especially for agricultural cooperatives.