Typhoon: Rope scraper for slurry effluents

The Typhoon scraper is the simple solution for scraping slurry-covered aisles. Versatile and sophisticated, it ensures perfect cleaning thanks to frequent scrapings. The Typhoon rope scraper is the most simple and effective solution in a dairy cattle building.


  • Proven BouMatic technology
    • Designed for the management of slurry effluents in dairy cattle buildings
    • Technology based on Scorpion scraper experience, the historical reference on the French market
  • Suitable for all building configurations
    • Ideal for small buildings – up to 150 meters
    • For buildings with 1 or 2 corridors
    • For corridors from 2.5 to 5m wide
    • For all floor types (concrete, mats, rubber, asphalt)
    • Drive can be mounted inside or outside
    • Available models:
      • Delta scraper
      • Straight scraper
      • V scraper
  • Flexible scraper
    • For bedding with or without straw
    • Two operating directions for each corridor
    • Standard: frost protection system to prevent blockage by ice
    • Rubber band for irregular masonry levels and a very liquid manure
  • Robust rope scraper
    • Robust drive with non-deformable drums (10 mm of thickness)
    • The anti-twist rope is wound regularly
    • Synthetic rope 10 and 12 mm, resistance up to 17 tons
  • An automated system for an easy daily use
    • Easy to install
    • Fully automatic scraping system
    • Automatic start clock
    • Simple control system - can be programmed up to 24 times a day
    • Low-maintenance - sealed-bearing pulley without lubricator
    • Intelligent controller: maintenance warnings
  • Low energy consumption

    Limited energy consumption - 0.55 KW

  • A secure environment for the welfare of cows
    • Overcurrent protection system
    • Overload protection system
    • Optional: Encoder on the motor to locate the scraper on its path
    • Rubber band standard

“ BouMatic Manure Handling ”