Milking parlours

Milking parlours

Milking parlours

Automated milking systems for milking parlours

BouMatic can supply the most suitable, automated milking system for any milking parlour. Choose from four rotary parlours, or maximise cow traffic flows and comfort with a parallel parlour. Herringbone, parabone and swingover milking parlours are other options. BouMatic’s crowd gates, mobile HandyFloor and sorting systems make milking even easier.

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Rotary milking parlour

BouMatic offers a choice of four rotary milking parlours. The Xpedia 360EX, an outdoor milker, was specially developed for family farms. The Xpedia 360IX indoor milker combines the best qualities of the parallel, herringbone and tandem designs. The Xcalibur Streamline 360 EX is for those looking for performance and durability. The Xcalibur 360EX is designed for continuous milking around the clock.

Parallel parlour

BouMatic's parallel parlours maximise cow traffic flows and comfort. The Formule 1 was specifically designed to milk cows from behind for 8 to 10 hours a day. The second option is the Xcalibur 90LX, a reliable and durable milking system for use around the clock, even in older parlours. The Xpressway is a high-quality parallel milking parlour, especially designed for large herds that have to be milked 12 to 15 hours a day. The Streamway 90 is a 90-degree parallel milking parlour with a side spout.

Herringbone milking parlour

The Xcalibur 3640-4440 and HD2 are innovative herringbone milking systems, designed for durability, in which cows are milked sideways. The zig-zag design with integrated manure plate ensures the milker is perfectly positioned, close to the cow.

Parabone parlour

The BouMatic parabone parlour is an affordable solution which combines the best features of a herringbone parlour and a parallel parlour. The compact milking unit width and front exit makes this design ideal for installation in narrow buildings.

Swingover milking parlour

The DualFlo is a centrally-mounted, efficient swingover milking system from BouMatic, which gets cows in and out quickly. The centrally-mounted DualFlo swingover offers all the benefits of a milking parlour at a lower cost than traditional two-sided parlours.

Crowd gates

Looking to buy a crowd fence for cows? The BouMatic Air-Trac crowd fence is a durable pneumatic crowd fence, which can be fully custom-fitted on site. The Escorter 100 is a crowd gate that guides dairy cows smoothly and gently to any milking parlour system.

Sorting systems

Sorting cows is easier and faster with BouMatic's automatic SmartDairy sorting system. The EZ Sort system, a cow selection system that is suitable for any milking parlour, also saves you lots of time and effort.

Floor systems

BouMatic’s HandyFloor is a mobile and flexible non-slip floor system with adjustable height. You can adjust this floor system to the appropriate height to get the best working posture, easiest access to the cow's udder, and a clear view of what you’re doing.