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Every time you attach a BouMatic milking unit, you’re drawing on the highest levels of experience, knowledge and dedication to dairy excellence the industry has to offer. For BouMatic, it really is all about the cow. Every system, every program, every product we develop is designed for your cow’s comfort, health and performance.

Milking gently, quickly and completely is BouMatic’s commitment to your cows.
Improving the productivity and profitability of your herd is BouMatic’s commitment to you. Register to our Club today and discover how your cows and BouMatic can create more value on your dairy.

Exclusive benefits

  • Members-only-promotions

    Save yourself money and benefit from special members-only promotions on BouMatic farm supplies & original BouMatic parts, get free tickets for events and exhibitions and win BouMatic gift packages.

  • Collect awards

    Collect BouMatic Club awards in your account which you can use to exchange upon your next buys. So, lots of savings again for you.

  • Maintenance Calendar

    Use the BouMatic maintenance calendar to find out what the best liner change and maintenance schedule is for your milking operation.

  • Gain product and cow intelligence

    Get access to inside information on BouMatic’s best milking practices, product recommendations and BouMatic cow intelligence!

  • Be informed first

    Be the first to know about BouMatic’s product updates and news!

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