Automating milk and feed processes relieves dairy farmers of a lot of work. This is where BouMatic can help you. BouMatic has appropriate automation solutions for every aspect of the milking process, from milk meters to the complete OneView management system for Gemini milking robots. BouMatic's automatic feeding systems also save you lots of time, and ensure you get the very best feeding results.

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Gemini OneView

Gemini OneView is a complete management system designed to collect and convert herd data generated by BouMatic's Gemini milking robot. The dashboard of this milk management system allows real-time monitoring of all production data and livestock information, such as the list of cows collected for milking, milk attention, and an overview of the milking robot’s performance. The system emits warnings, and analyses various aspects of the robot’s performance, such as milking analyses and feed analyses.


BouMatic's SmartDairy automation system manages pulsation, milk meters and detachers in the parlour, allowing you as a dairy farmer to evaluate your livestock, milk yields, and the effectiveness of personnel. SmartDairy also operates the crowd gates, the milking parlour controls, and all the entrance, exit and sorting gates. Cow health and cow comfort are also controlled, both inside and outside the milking parlour.

The SmartDairy feeding module manages the nutritional needs of your herd, and can be used for feeding both in barns and the milking parlour.


HerdMetrix is BouMatic's easy-to-use cow management software. HerdMetrix collects data on feeding, activity, and milking, records information on animal health, insemination, and treatment, controls sorting gates, and monitors the performance and efficiency of the parlour. It compiles data on both the herd and individual cows.

BM3K is a complete automation system for family farms and small dairy farmers. This management system is seamlessly integrated with HerdMetrix, and provides a large degree of flexibility in barn management, identification systems, sorting systems, and feeding. The BM3K can be expanded with a feeding module: a feeding system for barns.

Milk meters

BouMatic’s SmartControl meter is a milk meter, and used in combination with TouchPoint or ViewPoint detacher systems. The BouMatic Pulsameter 2 is used with Parlour STAR detacher systems.

Detacher systems

BouMatic supplies various detacher systems which allow data to be consulted during milking. With TouchPoint, all milking and management procedures for each milking unit can be controlled in the parlour. ViewPoint can display data for both the parlour as a whole and for individual cows. The AMI 5550, with milk yield indicator, can be installed in new parlours or as an upgrade to existing systems. The SmartLite detacher system allows four milking points to be managed with a single control unit.


BouMatic RealTime Activity monitors your cows, and allows you to detect if cows in your herd are on heat, both in the meadow and the barn. In addition to detecting whether cows are in heat, you can identify feed intake and rumination problems with BouMatic's RealTime Activity.