BouMatic cleaning machines and agents are your guarantee for good hygiene in your milking parlour. BouMatic supplies various machines and cleaning agents for tasks such as cleaning the milking robot and parlour pit, and disinfecting milking claws. Cleaning with BouMatic: relax in the certainty that your milking system is clean and hygienic, and your livestock healthy and happy!

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Cleaning the milk system

For good cow hygiene and health, it’s important that every part of your milking system is properly cleaned, including the milking parlour, the parlour pit, the milking robot, the milking claws, and the milking clusters. BouMatic supplies a range of cleaning machines and cleaning agents for cleaning elements such as the milking robot and the milking claws.

Cleaning machine

BouMatic's Guardian Supreme machine automatically controls the flushing cycles of cleaning-in-place (CIP) milking systems. It mixes the cleaning agent in the water of the flushing tank, which is then passed through the milk pipelines and all the equipment, cleaning the entire milking cluster. The BouMatic Guardian II cleaning machine automatically cleans and disinfects the milking robot after every wash.


BouMatic jetters ensure your milking robot is cleaned as well as possible. The cluster in your milking parlour is connected to jetters that are fed from a flushing manifold, which is composed of a water supply and drainage network. A BouMatic jetter is essential for cleaning the milking robot’s claws.

Parallel parlours

The Jetter Supreme was specially designed for parallel parlours. It can be retracted during milking, and makes it easier to clean the pit. The BouMatic jetter hatch kit is ideal for flushing with a CIP system. The kit includes low-profile jetter cups, a stainless-steel T-piece, jaw-shaped drain valve, a nozzle restrictor, and a stainless-steel hook to attach the milking claw during flushing.

Air injector

The air injector is an automatically controlled valve, and one of the most important parts of a CIP system for milking parlours. Opening the valve allows air to enter, and flushes the cleaning agent through the milk pipes. The Cyclone air injection system can be used on any existing milking robot cleaning system.

Cleaning agents

BouMatic supplies all the cleaning agents needed to keep your milking parlour, milking robot, milking system, bulk tank, and cooling tank clean. These agents can be chlorine-free, chlorinated, acidic, or for foam applications: BouMatic supplies every type of product for cleaning and disinfecting your milking equipment.