Milking robots

Milking robots

Milking robots

Gemini UP milking robot

The BouMatic Gemini UP milking robot takes your dairy farming to the next level: improved cow welfare, higher milk quality, and a better life for you as a dairy farmer. The Gemini UP milking robot can be supplied with a single or double box, and always comes with the Gemini UP OneView management system.

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Robotic milking with BouMatic

Milk your cows by machine with BouMatic’s Gemini UP milking robot. Gemini UP milking robots can be purchased with a single box or double box. You can also buy parts for the milking robot from BouMatic. The Gemini UP milking robot is always equipped with the Gemini UP OneView management system.

The SR2 spray robot is a must have’ tool for your rotary milking system for even better animal hygiene. Contact BouMatic for information about the price of the Gemini UP milking robot and other costs related to robotic milking.

Gemini UP single box milking robot

The Gemini UP single box milking robot is a 2-in-1 self-contained unit and, as a result, is quick and easy to install.

It has an efficient, small footprint, one integrated machine room and unique in-box selection options. It therefore offers an unrivalled automatic milking solution for every farm type.

Cow flow is smooth and easy with the Gemini Up Single Box. The integrated selection process means there is no need for extra fencing and gates.

Gemini UP double box milking robot

The Gemini UP double box milking robot is a compact milking robot equipped with two stalls, side-by-side. It has one robot arm that milks two cows simultaneously between the rear legs.

Milking 2 cows with one arm, increases profitability and offers you a faster return on investment.

The double box also has a very important social aspect: since one cow will attract another into the box, the cows are motivated to enter the robot.

Moreover, when two cows can stand next to one another and look out on the cowshed via the open frame, they feel as if they are still with the herd.

Gemini OneView management system

Gemini UP OneView is a complete management system designed for the Gemini UP milking robot. It converts all your herd information into easy-to-use tools. On the main Gemini UP OneView dashboard, you can track all the important data concerning yields and cows at a glance in real time.


BouMatic provides dairy farms worldwide with future-proof solutions to increase productivity. Thanks to BouMatic's extensive global distribution network, both small and large dairy farms around the world can benefit from the company’s expertise and comprehensive range of products for the dairy industry. The range includes bulk cooling tanks, automated milking systems, Gemini UP robotic milking systems, a full line of hygiene products, ‘en route’ service products, and integrated computerised management.