A Modular & Durable Swing Over Milking System

The centre mounted swing over milking system - DualFlo - is built to BouMatic’s tough quality standards. It offers an an affordable way for dairy operators to develop a parlor-based milking system or upgrade their current milking parlor.

The swing arm pivots from the centre of the pit to service both sides of the parlor. The operator control can be mounted overhead in the centre of the pit, or at the end of the arm, depending on customer reference.


  • Easy retro-fit into existing parlors

    Designed for parallel or herringbone style parlors up to double 32 in size and is built for 28 or 30 inch stalls.

  • Quick Installation - Reduced Down-Time During Retro-Fit

    The DualFlo comes pre-assembled in 3 or 4 cow sections for quick installation, and is delivered complete with all milking equipment and milking units.

  • Durable

    The stainless swing-over arms are ruggedly built to take on your toughest milking requirements, session after session, day after day.

  • Lower Overall Parlor Costs

    Built with genuine BouMatic parts and components.

  • Many Custom Options

    The DualFlo has an array of custom options available that can provide varying levels of automation to adapt to any dairy operation with any management style.

    • No Detacher - Manual Shutoff

    • Detacher Only - Automatic Takeoff

    • Milk Yield Indicators - Individual Cow Performance Without ID Tags

    • No milk meter