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Animal ‎Hygiene

Animal ‎Hygiene
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Animal Hygiene Products for Efficient & Ethical Dairy Farming Operations

Teat Dips

When using a teat dip, the main purpose is to rinse away any milk film that has accumulated on the teats as a result of being subjected to suction during the milking process. If the milk film is not flushed away, it will create the ideal environment for germs to develop on the teat surface before the next milking. After the milk layer has been rinsed out, the teat dip deposits a disinfectant on the teat skin, which kills any germs that may be lurking.

A controlled iodine teat dip, for example, consists of a full 0.5% iodine. It's formulated with 4.5% glycerin and a lanolin-based emollient system to keep the skin from drying out and irritating it. The formula is essential when conducting teat dips to subjugate the spread of organisms that may cause mastitis.


Bedding offers a comfortable place for animals to relax, promoting health and productivity. It also protects the animal's joints from the barn's floor. Bedding insulates the cattle against cold weather conditions, lowering their maintenance energy requirements. Dry bedding protects newborn calves from adverse weather conditions that deplete their energy reserves. Most essential, bedding absorbs urine, excrement, and dirt, keeping it off the animal's coat and keeping the animal healthy. This helps the cattle in two ways:

  1. Maintains the coat's ability to insulate the cattle in cold and wet conditions.
  2. Reduces the number of germs and disease-causing organisms on the cattle's hide.