For Your Cows Hoof Care Solutions

StepGuardian is an automated hoof bath system that improves herd hoof health while at the same time saving time, labor, and chemical costs.

Hoof treatment is improved by automated cycling which enables timely and effective solutions while at the same time reducing chemical wastage by precision metered dosing.

The system also reduces exposure by employees to chemicals.


  • Programmable PC
    • Newly updated PLC is much easier to use and see. It has a large touch display for better visibility. There are inputs for external control functions. The menu guide is simple and has a help function. The display also provides clear status information.
  • Stainless Steel Bath
    • Durable, long last design. It is 9-ft (2.8 m) in total length of the bath. This is the minimum required to achieve two hoof strikes.
  • Patented Flow, Fill & Flush
    • BouMatic uses a uniform flush and fill with minimal noise, froth and foam. This reduces the 'scare' to the cow and less disturbance for them as they walk through. It's all about cow comfort.
  • Separate Mixing Chamber
    • Having a separate mixing chamber is safer for the farm employees since it can be mixed hands-free. It also means that there is a consistent, uniform mixing with better dose control.
  • Simple
    • There can be one controller for up to 4 hoofbaths. The installation is simple and the programming is not complicated.
  • Smartdairy or Standalone
    • The StepGuardian can be used as a standalone or can be integrated with SmartDairy for capturing additional data.