Your dairy, your way! Automate with precision, manage with expertise

Do you want to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your dairy farm while tackling the ecological and economic challenges head-on? BouMatic is here to support you in achieving your goals. Milking robotization has seen significant advancements in recent years and has become a standard practice. Milking robots provide you with greater flexibility and enhance the comfort of your cows. Even artificial intelligence is stepping into the scene; for instance, the Gemini Up robot utilizes it to optimize teat attachment, even on the most complex ones.

But the benefits of robotization extend beyond just milking! Physical, repetitive tasks that demand precision can now be taken care of by robots. Feed pushers, automated feeders, manure handling robots and bedding robots offer you relief as a dairy farmer, while increasing efficiency.

This automation is vital in addressing the growing challenge of labor shortages. Skilled labor is crucial, as any lack of precision can significantly impact milk production. With robots, you can efficiently manage various tasks while ensuring accurate daily operations and improving your business results.

Robotics Brochure