Udderdine Apex and Apex 5000 are both NPE Free products that are recommended as post-dips in conditions that have contagious bacteria, hot & wet conditions, hot & dry conditions, where teat viruses are present and/or where there is poor teat skin conditions.

Apex 5000

Low Drip, Iodine Barrier Teat Dip

  • Economical barrier coverage
  • 0.5% Iodine formula for extreme germ-fighting effectiveness
  • Low Drip so it stays where it belongs - on your cow’s teats
  • 6% emollients for superior teat skin conditioning

Udderdine Apex

High Emollient, Low Drip, Iodine Barrier Teat Dip

  • Low-drip, high-viscosity formula provides barrier protection
  • Use in heavy organic load conditions
  • Broad spectrum, 1% Iodine formulation
  • 10% emollients for great skin care