Maintain healthy hooves and a healthy bottom line with StepSept Hoofbath solutions.

Traditional hoofbath solutions, when used for long periods of time, have been responsible for contamination of soil and ground water. The BouMatic StepSept™ line is an environmentally friendly and comprehensive hoof care solution for today’s dairy.

StepSept CSE-200 is an enhancing additive that dramatically improves the effectiveness of conventional hoofbath solutions. It acidifies the solution which creates a germicidal effect on hoof pathogens. StepSept CSE-200 resists the neutralising effect of organic matter on the acid in the hoofbath due to a pH buffer, so it works longer treating more cows per gallon. It also employs a unique secondary germicidal formula effective against spirochete bacteria, the suspected cause of hairy hoof warts.

StepSept PB-50 is a hoof cleaner used before your primary treatment hoofbath. It contains high levels of penetrating surfactants to loosen dirt before the cow enters the treatment bath. Less contamination in the treatment bath helps extend the life of the hoof bath solution.

StepSept FB-T100 is a topically applied treatment solution. A two germicide pathogen killing system with acidified copper sulphate plus a unique, secondary germicide for fast results.

StepSept pH Down extends the life of your copper sulphate hoofbath by reducing and keeping the pH level below four in heavy organic soil loads. This powerful product can handle 500 cows before a hoofbath change and allows for a 50% reduction in copper sulphate usage.

StepSept™ FB -T100

Concentrated Topical Hoof Treatment

Dual Use Disinfectant Hoof Treatment Solution

As a Topical Treatment

  • Use at full strength for the prevention and treatment of foot rot, hairy foot warts, and other bacterial or fungal infections of the hoof
  • Excels at treating and reducing lameness due to bacterial infections
  • Provides a “one-two punch” of acidified Copper Sulfate with a secondary germicide
  • pH buffered to resist the neutralizing effect of organic matter
  • Deep, penetrating, antibacterial formula gets to the source of infections with concentrated strength, and less waste than a hoof bath solution
  • Apply with a typical, garden-variety pump sprayer or spray bottle
As a Footbath
  • Helps maintain hoof health in herds with a low incidence of lameness
  • No additives are required when StepSept FB-T100 is used at one gallon per 49 gallons of water as a hoof bath solution

StepSept™ pH Down

Concentrated Hoof Bath Acidifier

  • Saves money by reducing copper sulfate use
  • Environmentally friendly non-toxic and non-hazardous
  • Improves treatment efficacy and hoof health
  • Enhanced Copper Sulfate efficacy by lowering pH significantly
  • Unique new technology formula keeps pH below 4 even in heavy oil loads
  • Can handle up to 500 cows before hoof bath change is required
  • StepSept pH Down kills bacteria which cause most common hoof diseases
  • Acidification can reduce copper sulfate use by 50% or more while maintaining efficacy

StepSept™ PB-50

Pre-Bath Hoof Cleaner

  • Helps reduce bacterial hoof infections
  • Highly concentrated
  • High detergent level with penetrating surfactant
  • Loosens the grip of filth and soil on the hoof
  • Debris drops off the hoof before the cow enters the main treatment hoof bath
  • Cows enter the treatment hoof bath cleaner and respond better to treatment
  • Less contamination helps extend the life of the hoof bath solution
  • Save money with more cows per bath

Use Two Ways

  1. As a pre-treatment hoofbath solution before the hoof bath treatment solution
  2. Or, daily to improve and maintain hoof health hygiene

StepSept™ CSE-200

Concentrated Hoof Bath Enhancer

  • Dramatically improves the effectiveness of conventional hoof bath solutions
  • Cuts Copper Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, or Formaldehyde usage in HALF!
  • Save money while reducing the use of heavy metal solutions
  • Acidifies the solution, which creates a germicidal effect on hoof pathogens more potent than copper sulfate
  • 3rd generation quaternary Ammonium Chloride provides more killing power than Copper Sulfate
  • Includes surfactants that help penetrate hard-to-reach areas of the hoof - where infections begin - much better than Copper Sulfate
  • pH buffered to resist neutralizing effect of organic matter
  • Solution works longer and treats more cows per gallon than Copper Sulfate