The Ultimate External Rotary - Xpedia 360EX

The Xpedia 360EX external rotary parlour is specially designed for family dairy farms, enabling the dairy producer to milk on his own and to carry out a whole range of interactions with his herd. With 24 to 40 stalls, it is the ideal platform for herds with 80 to 300 cows.


  • Easy and Fluid Cow Traffic

    Cows enter calmly, quickly and in sequence thanks to:

    • The Texas one-way-entry gates
    • The positioning of the cows, at the opposite of the entrance
    • The automated entry management: the rotary stops in case there is no cow at the entrance.

  • Calm and comfortable cows

    Individual restraint separating the cows from each other during milking.

  • Designed for the Milker’s Comfort

    Ergonomic operator positioning for enhanced comfort throughout all procedures, thanks to:

    • an inwards sloping platform, also ensuring a clean working environment
    • an udder within easy reach, the milker stands in an ergonomically good straight position
    • the single control button within easy reach, at arm height
  • Ultimate Udder Access
    • Milking from the rear in a 90-degree position with perfect milking cluster positioning. Milker and cow are close to each other.
    • Stall with 2 rear rails offset by 13°, placing the cow and her udder in an optimal milking position.
    • Optimum, well-balanced cluster positioning without special devices.
  • Limitless performance

    This rotary can be equipped with 24 to 40 stalls and can milk 120 to 300 cows an hour. You can gain 2 minutes per rotary turn and increase from 24 to 40 cows more per hour.

  • Smart & efficient
    • Touchscreen within easy reach for complete platform and milking routine management. You can easily set and manage your own working speed.
    • Smart speed control: smart automatic speed slowing system. The rotary system slows down when a cow has not finished.
    • The second turn option allows you to customize your milking routines when needed.
  • Uncluttered Design

    Simplistic design with completely integrated automation. The wash jetters are stowed in the console resulting in a clear and clean working environment.

  • Reliable and robust

    Reliable, maintenance-free system designed to last. The track has 2.2 Teflon rollers per stall, which is based on a 24/7 rotary design. The load capacity is 30% higher than traditional platforms and the drive system has a low electric consumption (0.75kW).

  • Safe milking
    • The Xpedia 360EX has a safety system around the whole rotary system, enabling the operator to stop and start the platform from any position.
    • Smart Security System: automatic stop and reverse device. If a cow enters too slowly or hesitates, the system stops, reverses and restarts automatically.
    • Stall with 2 rear rails offset by 13°, protecting the milker against back kicking.
  • Second Turn system available

    The BouMatic Second Turn system works very simply. If needed, a cow can be retained on the rotary milking parlour. To do this, via a dispenser provided for this purpose, a bar is slid behind the milking stall to retain the cow. This second turn can be programmed either automatically if the SmartDairy controller detects an absence of milk or milking in progress; or manually if the operator wishes to see a cow again for an intervention.
    Thanks to its simple design (few moving parts), the Second Turn by BouMatic will be robust over time with low maintenance.

    Moreover, this system can be installed on a new machine as well as on existing equipment.

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