Dragon : Square chain scraper for solid manure

Flexible and autonomous, the Dragon scraper is the long-term and adaptable solution for your farm. Looking for a low maintenance scraper to clean your barn daily and automatically ? The Dragon scraper is the perfect solution for your manure management ! This scraper is especially suited for farms with solid manure.


  • For day-to-day comfort and security
    • Automatic operation with a programmable cycle
    • Maintenance-free pulleys without lubricator
    • Automatic chain tension
    • Design without sharp corners (wings, carriage, arms, …)
    • Intelligent controller: maintenance warnings
  • Automatic management system with new generation PLC
    • Built-in VARIO system
    • Soft start
    • Slow discharge
    • Slows down in the sensitive areas of the building
    • Automatic tension with a chain that is always correctly tensioned without manual intervention
  • Robust and durable scraper
    • Massive chain
    • 20 tons breaking load
    • Direct drive with oil bath gearbox
    • Scraper with heavy design
    • Moulded flat bottom chain
  • An intelligent and flexible system
    • Automatic operation possible
    • Built-in VARIO system
    • Clutch release system for uneven corridors
  • Two models available
    • V scraper:
      • Offset load
      • 1.5 times width required for parking
      • Adjustable polyamide guidewheel
      • New axle locking system
      • Wound-limiting carriage shape
      • Arms can be weighed down
      • Optional: Blocking of arms
    • Straight scraper:
      • Balanced load
      • Compact height-adjustable central beam
      • Protection of hooves
      • Blocking of wings
      • Wound-limiting carriage shape
      • Rubber blades standard for more precise cleaning

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