Our environmental approach

With over 50 years of experience in manure handling, BouMatic is an indispensable contributor to the environmental transition.

Manure handling in agriculture is a very demanding task and requires robust, high-performance equipment.

On the strength of its expertise, BouMatic is keen to accompany you in your own environmental transition by providing you with the tools you need to recycle your organic waste.

The wide range offered by BouMatic ensures you have a robust, technical and economical solution at your disposal for handling organic waste. In order to achieve this, our experts are constantly searching for solutions to respond to future demands.


BouMatic MPG pumps with a long shaft for MPG-type organic waste (motor-driven pump) are mounted on the edge of a receiving pit or storage pit so that the lower part containing the pump housing is lowered into the liquid and the upper part containing the motor is in the open air.

The long-shafted pump can be supplied with a moving bottom agitator for mixing. Numerous sizes, fittings and pipings are available (4’’ – 5’’ – 6’’).

The hardened steel blade system for shredding coarse elements and the propeller providing consistent access to the pump ensure seamless pumping.


BouMatic macerator pumps have been designed for the toughest applications.

Their reinforced housing for extreme applications (heat-reinforced as optional for use with sand), cast iron body (stainless steel as optional) and blade system, make them the most effective pumps on the market.

The BouMatic DG pump is a high-performance pump that enables you to pump heavy loads at a high rate (350-400 m3/h).

The suction and maceration concept of BouMatic’s DG pumps offers optimum performance:

  • Macerator blade system comprising up to 3 blades (1 blade supplied as standard, if I’ve understood correctly)
  • Inlet designed to protect the pump body and seals
  • Reinforced propeller for unrivalled durability


BouMatic offers two solutions for flushing out waiting areas, passages and scraping aisles:

  • DG heavy flow pump
  • Special flushing version of the FP vertical pump

The 160-diameter valves have been specially designed to not stem the flow so that a maximum flow rate can be achieved by reducing the energy.

FLUSHING VALVE: When the pump is off, the valve is closed. When the pump starts, the flow of liquid causes the valve to lift and send out a spray of water. The water creates a wave that cleans the surface.
FLUSHING VALVE: When the pump is off, the valve is closed. When the pump starts, the flow of liquid causes the valve to lift and send out a spray of water. The water creates a wave that cleans the surface.


Dry configuration pump

BouMatic pumps are equipped with a unique combination of static and rotating blades, making them the ideal solution for finely shredding and transferring organic waste with a high dry matter content.

  • The blade system and shape of the pump housing ensure the pump’s smooth suction capacity.
  • Wearing parts such as pump gears and pump housing can be supplied in reinforced material so that wear is reduced by half when pumping sandy slurry or manure containing abrasive elements, for example.
  • Capacity up to 475 m³/h.


The BouMatic piston pump is a hydraulic drive unit used for pumping slurry, manure, and semi-solid and viscous digestate across long distances with minimal power.

Several configuration options are available:

  • A hydraulic power unit for one pump
  • A hydraulic power unit for two pumps;
  • Two heights available 3.38 or 2.48 m

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Spiral pump

BouMatic spiral pumps are unparalleled when it comes to performance.

They are used to pump and transfer slurry, even thick slurry, to a separator or storage tank.

Their main features:

  • Adapt well to both fragile and viscous products
  • High suction and self-priming capacity
  • Constant, non-pulsating flow
  • Flow proportional to the speed of rotation
  • Reversible
  • Easy to maintain


BouMatic DK and DK EX submersible agitators have a sleek, slim design thanks to their planetary gearboxes. The large propeller blades of the submersible agitator make it ideal for blending/homogenising manure and biomass in slurry pits, pre-pits, slurry channels, biogas digesters, postdigesters, and so on. Submersible agitators are also suitable for use in industrial plants and waste water treatment plants due to their superior construction and design.


The BouMatic POP slurry agitator is a robust and effective full-service agitator. The propeller is specially designed with three low-speed blades, making it ideal for mixing even very thick slurry.

  • The shape of the propeller produces optimum mixing results. Up to 4000 m3.
  • Numerous sizes, fittings and hoist systems are available.
  • Easy to install. Even in a slurry-filled reservoir.
  • Can be repositioned for use in multiple reservoirs.


BouMatic AXP channel agitators are intended for circular stirring and
for mixing slurry in the channels beneath slotted floors.
They allow
you to effectively mix your manure to ensure it is always of a smooth

  • The design of the propeller enables it to be adapted to applications such as a channel with low levels of liquid.
  • The agitator is also lightweight, allowing it to be repositioned and used in multiple locations.
  • The agitator can be mounted onto a mobile trolley.


Power from 2.2 to 11 kW

Area of application:

Stirring slurry beneath slotted floors. Effectively mixing floating sludge and sediment into the liquid phase improves the consistency of the slurry, making it easy to pump.
Push the agitator to the stirring site. Then lift up part of the slotted floor and immerse the agitator into the slurry using the winch. You can also lift, lower and turn the agitator. This allows the slurry to be easily and effectively homogenised in the various parts of the channel.


The frame of the lagoon agitator is made entirely of stainless steel for robustness and enhanced durability.
The DK agitator series from 7.5 to 18.5 kW is made to fit the frame.

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The core function of the BouMatic CYCLONE is to separate out foreign bodies.

CYCLONE shredders combine both separation and shredding functions. They separate, shred and then discharge the material via a pipe.

As the fluid flows through the machine, heavy and foreign objects such as stones and metal parts are separated out by gravity and settle at the bottom of the body. The lower part of the body acts as a trap for foreign objects. They can then be easily removed via the cleaning flange. All the floating and suspended substances in the fluid (fibrous materials, wood, grass, straw, etc.) are transported by the flow to the cutting screen and chopped up by the self-sharpening blades. The product is also homogenised in the process.

“ Manure Handling - Phase separators ”


Phase separators are designed to separate slurry into 2 elements:

  • Solid : Easy to transport, less bulky to store, odour-free, excellent as fertiliser or bedding. The phase separator allows heavily polluting phosphorus and nitrogen to be concentrated in the compost. The resulting product has a dry matter content ranging from 25% to over 40%.
  • Liquid : Easy to pump and spread (using a slurry tank or irrigation system). Depending on local regulations, it can enable greater flexibility in spreading.


The phase separator can be placed on a raised platform below which the dry matter can be stored. The platform can contain 1 or 2 separators.


  • Galvanised steel
  • Handrail for safety
  • Trapezoidal type sheets for side walls and roof
  • Screws and dowels included
  • Potential for multiple mounting
  • Option to screw to the mounting area
  • Disassembled transport with assembly instructions
  • Height and dimensions available for
    single and double separator


Our composter is a state-of-the-art composting drum that significantly accelerates the aerobic fermentation process. It creates the ideal environment for aerobic bacteria to grow and mineralise organic compounds.

All we do is help natural bacteria do their job - but FASTER!

No external heat is supplied to the system for the fermentation process.

The solid matter heats up to 70°C by itself via exothermic aerobic fermentation in line with European regulations on hygienisation.

Low amounts of electricity are required to obtain a high-quality, healthy product.

The BC-series composting system comprises a special heavy-duty (HD) separator that separates solids up to a specific humidity level and a DM content of around 40%.

Falcon Cross

The Falcon cross is capable of pushing the heaviest loads. In a 1.15-m channel for the double row or 0.635-m channel for the single row, it will push the manure that the scraper has discharged.

The Falcon cross is used in a compact straw and manure system.

The cylinder pushes and retracts causing the traction rail to move back and forth. The scrapers move forward and backward, allowing the manure to be pushed forward. One-way claws positioned in the races prevent the manure from returning when the scrapers retract.

This allows the manure to be conveyed to the manure pit. It can be supplied as an add-on to the ELEVATOR.


The BouMatic elevator can transport manure up to 70 m. The sturdy square chain and scraper have been tried and tested and will serve you for many years.

Ramp models from 2 to 12 metres are available.

It comprises two 0.5-m parallel gutters separated by a 0.2-m central wall.

The drive is positioned at the top of the ramp to pull the load, which puts less strain on the gearbox. The drive unit has a power rating of 3 kW. The 180° bevel gearbox pulley is mounted on a high-strength bronze ring.

It is located at the end of the gutter and allows the chain to rotate effortlessly.

It can be synchronised with the scrapers to automate the transportation of manure.

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