BouMatic introduces the new Flo-Star Xtreme claw and the new Magnum Turbo liner. This new claw is more compact, lighter and has an improved inlets angle. It allows for higher milk flow rates, balanced cluster alignment, and a stable vacuum among other things. The new Magnum Turbo liner is designed with a rounded shoulder for a good fitting and a triangular shape at the end for a comfortable and fast milking.

Design based on 3 important aspects:
The Flo-Star Xtreme claw and Magnum turbo liner designs are based on 3 important aspects in milking: cow comfort, operator comfort and good milkability. Again the designs hold true to BouMatic’s long standing milking principle: the milking machine should remove the milk from the cow’s udder, gently, quickly and completely.

Improved cow comfort
For the cows comfort, the Xtreme has a height of only 13cm, making it 3.5cm shorter than the existing one. Perfect for small breeds, cows with low-hanging udders and/or freshly calved udders (wider claw bases). Furthermore BouMatic’s patented x-crossed inlet design improves unit balance and alignment. A balanced alignment will have even milkout from all quarters. The position of the inlets also improves “cow fit” so that it will sit squarely under wide, narrow, short, long udders and works with uneven teat placement.

The ingenious design of the Magnum Turbo Liner also plays an important role in the comfort of the cow and the milking performances. The round base allows a good fitting of the liner on the teat, and the triangular shape allows the liner not to hurt the teat while ensuring a fast milk ejection. The claw has no air inlet: it happens at the level of each liner. The design of this patented "vent" improves milking speed.

Ease of use for the milking operator
For the milking operator’s comfort the claw has been further lightened for ease of use with the aim of reducing musculoskeletal disorders. It is 3 oz lighter than the Flo-Star MAX. A lightweight claw can reduce operator fatigue during long milking shifts and allows more of the weight distribution to be in the shell and liner, reducing unit alignment issues. As a result of a lighter weight claw, we have noticed less liner slips and squawks across all milking pens from heifers to 6-8 lactation cows.

Excellent milkability : vacuum stability and speed
As for optimal milking results a vacuum "snorkel", independent of the milk flow, has been added to improve vacuum stability and milking speed (flow rate: 9 litres/min). Used in combination with the new Magnum Turbo liner, the comfort for delicate udders is optimized while increasing milking speed. The Xtreme has been created to improve fluid dynamics which benefits faster milking for more throughput without any compromises. This means less bouncing of the claw and a gentler milking for teat ends.

The Xtreme can handle higher milk flow rates. Since the late 1980's genetics, feed education and herd management have pushed the envelope of high producing cows. Technology in the Flo-Star Xtreme has been proven to handle 20lbs/min cows without compromising performance. Besides, the claw, like all Flo-Stars, is engineered resin construction that handles 7,200 lbs of direct pressure. The options for the Flo-Star Xtreme include two outlet sizes 5/8” (16mm) and ¾” (19 mm).

The Flo-Star Xtreme milking claw and the Magnum Turbo liner are available in Europe through all official BouMatic dealers since the 1st September 2020.

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