'Xtreme' milking performance with unprecedented "Gently, Quickly, and Completely" results.

Flo-Star Xtreme is bringing a revolutionary new design to a milking claw, but with all the same enhanced performance. The new low profile, lighter weight concept with improved angle of the inlets brings amongst many advantages a higher milkflow rate, a balanced alignment and a stable vacuum.

Receive the excellent milkability and comfort you come to expect from BouMatic.

“ BouMatic Flo-Star Xtreme & Magnum Turbo ”

Advantage at a glance

  • Weighs only 9.5 oz.

    The Flo-Star Xtreme is 3 oz lighter than the Flo-Star MAX.

    A lightweight claw can reduce operator fatigue during long milking shifts and allowsmore of the weight distribution to be in the shell and liner, reducing unit alignment issues.

  • Low profile

    The Xtreme has a height of only 5.2 inches, making it 1.4 inches shorter than the MAX. Perfect for small breeds and for low-hanging udders.

  • Air Inlet

    An air inlet has been designed into the claw resulting in a stable vacuum to the claw at all times. This means less bouncing of the claw and a more gentle milking for teat ends.

  • Patented x-crossed inlet design

    Small improvements to an already great design; improved “cow fit”; fits wide, narrow, short or long udders and uneven teat placement.

  • Engineered resin construction handles 7,200 lbs. of direct pressure

    Stronger than stainless steel claws, guaranteed against breakage for 2 years.

  • Milkability

    More stable flow of air out of the claw maintains vacuum stability. The milk quickly exits the claw. Even high producing cows will not flood the Xtreme.

“ flostar-xtreme-3d ”