HexiFoam: Chlorhexidine pre-and post-foam dip with a perfect disinfection and skin conditioning balance

HexiFoam is a liquid solution for pre- and post-milking teat disinfection. HexiFoam has been developed for dipping, spraying or foaming cow teats prior to or after milking. It simplifies perfect teat preparation prior to milking and high-performance teat disinfection after milking to allow the sphincter to close. Its high foamability results in low product consumption.

*Please verify product availability with your BouMatic dealer. Not all our products are available everywhere.


  • Versatile use

    Can be used before and after milking. High foaming capability, can also be applied by dipping or spraying.

  • Ready to use

    No dilution necessary.

  • Perfect balance between disinfection and skin care

    Its chlorhexidine-based formulation with 1% chlorhexidine and emollients is especially well-balanced between highly effective disinfection and skin conditioning. Moreover, the controlled pH makes HexiFoam non-aggressive for the teats.

  • Long stability

    Can be used up to 2 years from the date of manufacture.