HandyBrush: Robust & durable cow brush

The durable and robust cow brush from BouMatic offers a steady and high-quality brushing. This brush, designed and manufactured to eliminate parasites and other vermin from places inaccessible to the cow, can be installed on any type of support.

By reducing the number of parasites and stress within the herd, HandyBrush improves the health and well-being of your cows and, as a result, their productivity.

So, do not wait any longer, give your cows a quality treatment to improve their health.


  • Steady and high-quality brushing

    In order to provide a perfect scratch to the cow, the BouMatic cow brush is designed with high-quality nylon. After 200 starts, the brush rotates in the opposite direction to maintain a constant and steady brushing in the course of time.

  • Durable and robust brush for heavy duty

    HandyBrush is a single brush with a stainless-steel core. Furthermore, this brush has bearings at both sides of the shafts. These elements confer high robustness to the brush.

  • Secure and safe product

    The cabinet of the brush is closed and solidly protected. To ensure the safety of cows, the system stops if the brush is locked for six seconds.

  • Auto start & stop

    The brush simply starts turning when the cow touches the brush and stops turning when she leaves.

  • Adaptable to all barn configurations

    The BouMatic cow brush can be mounted on any kind of support thanks to three mounting possibilities: wall fixation, square post mounting, round post mounting.

  • Adjustable to fit your wishes

    The operating time of the HandyBrush after its start can be set to 3 or 5 minutes. And with the BouMatic cow brush you have the choice between three possible mounting positions: with an angle of 10°, 20° or 30.

    Cow Brush

  • Reduction of parasitism

    Thanks to daily use of the BouMatic brush, your cows are cleaner and the environment is less favourable to the development of parasites. Therefore, your herd is healthier and your veterinary expenses are reduced.

  • Improvement of social interactions within the herd

    When dominant cows are brushed by HandyBrush, dominated cows are not molested. And when the dominant cows are in the milking parlour or at the trough, dominated cows can in turn use the brush without being disturbed.

  • Better milking performance!

    With the use of the BouMatic brush, stress decreases within your herd. You can thus see an increase in your milk production, a decrease in the calving interval and a decrease in cell counts. Your dairy performance is optimized!

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