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Farm data

OwnersSCEA Conq Salaün
Herd size
Cow breed
Average milk production
4200-4300 Litres/day
Number of milkings per day

Milking system characteristics

2x16 SmartWay 90 Supreme

  • 2x16 milking points
  • SmartMeter detacher
  • TouchPoint: SmartDairy in-parlour display and keypad for controlling milking and management procedures
  • AirStar DSL vacuum pump: durable and long-lasting vacuum pump, providing a stable, reliable and efficient vacuum level
  • Guardian pipeline washer: automatically controls the washing of clean-in-place (CIP) milking systems
  • Flo-Star MAX milking claws
  • HI-Flo Evolution pulsator for an efficient and reliable operation and complete milking
  • SmartDairy management system
"BouMatic's SmartWay 90 has proven to be the best choice for us”

Romain Salaün

“When starting our new barn project in 2016, we visited many installations in order to make the best choice for our milking system. After comparing similar systems of different brands, BouMatic’s SmartWay 90 rear milking system proved to be the best choice for us” explains the owner, Romain Salaün.

“After a first test in the Orne department in the northwest of France, we were highly impressed by this milking machine and its characteristics: the stalls, milking claws, milking routine, quick start, claw lift/claw drop…This milking machine offers many benefits for both milker and cows. The cows enter the parlour rapidly and smoothly. Besides, the claw lift/claw drop system offers optimal access to the udder. Also, the stainless-steel construction of the milking parlour ensures high quality and durability.”

Romain Salaün resumes: “We couldn’t find a better parlour with rear milking system”