Automatic detacher system for ewes

Simple, innovative and user-friendly, the OviTIMER time-based detacher system lets you milk more intuitively and accurately. Specifically developed for sheep milking, OviTIMER gives you total flexibility of settings and clear information to save time and improve accuracy.

OviTIMER offers you

Clear information

The multicoloured LED instantly shows you the milking progress at each stall. Intuitive use of colour means you can react quickly and save time during milking.


Each milking time can be set second by second and easily adjusted. Save more than 10 different settings and switch from one to another during milking to adapt to all your sheep, whatever their stage of lactation.


A host of customisable features ensure quick, gentle milking: automatic cluster start-up, individual cluster control, automatic swing over and stall control.


OviTIMER is compatible with most existing installations and easily adapts to different parlour configurations and cluster types.

“ BouMatic Sheep Milking ”