BouMatic, a global leader in the manufacturing of milking equipment, is proud to announce the release of the MagStream Milkmeter, a milkmeter that ensures a continuous and completely free milk and air flow.

This meter has the lowest occurrence of vacuum drops and fluctuations of any meter of the market today. Thanks to advanced technologies used for power management, data communication and recording, it is the first milk meter that is completely wireless.

Discover MagStream milkmeter

Key Features of the MagStream Milkmeter:

  • Easy Installation & Service: The MagStream Milkmeter's wireless design ensures easy installation and service. It is plug-and-play, quickly calibrated (statistically) and can be fully integrated with your milking installation, farm automation systems and herd management software programs.

  • Animal Friendly: With its 100% free-flow design, the MagStream Milkmeter guarantees a stable vacuum and a very low vacuum drop throughout the milking process, providing optimal comfort for the animals and resulting in consistently efficient milking sessions.

  • ICAR Approved: The MagStream Milkmeter is ICAR approved, ensuring top performance when it comes to accuracy, hygiene and more.
  • Accurate Data Management: For animal identification the portal ID system can be used, however it can also be equipped with Per-Place-ID (antenna per stall). This ensures the highest accuracy on animal identification, which gives the highest data quality.

  • Upgrade & Retrofit: The MagStream milkmeter is integrated with BouMatic’s SmartLite detacher system. This combination is a perfect solution for retrofits on existing parlors or upgrade of existing SmartLite systems.


The MagStream milk meter is immediately available through the European BouMatic dealer network.