To meet the specific needs of dairy sheep farmers, BouMatic has developed a brand new automatic milking cluster detacher system, operating on a timer. Drawing on our technical expertise and experience in sheep milking, we offer a modern, simple and effective solution to meet the needs of high-performance sheep farms.

OviTIMER stands out on the following points:

  • Precision – Milking times can be set second by second and easily adjusted directly on the OviTIMER control box, which has a large backlit display. More than 10 different milking time settings can be saved and you can switch from one setting to another during milking to suit all sheep, whatever their stage of lactation.
  • Ergonomics – Numerous automatic functions and configurable features ensure quick, gentle milking: automatic cluster start-up, control of each cluster individually, automatic swing-over and stall control.
  • Simplicity – the OviTIMER LED button provides clear information on the milking status of each animal, simplifying the milker's work: colour change according to the selected milking time, flashing at the end of the timer, cascade lighting of clusters during automatic milking, etc.
  • Compatibility - OviTIMER is compatible with most existing installations and easily adapts to different parlour configurations and cluster types.

This makes BouMatic a major provider of milking solutions for small ruminants, thanks to its expertise and the implementation of innovative technical solutions for gentle, quick and complete milking. Following on from the OviMAX milking cluster, the new OviTIMER automatic detacher system has now been added to the BouMatic range of solutions for milking sheep.

Availability : OviTIMER is already available on the European market through the BouMatic dealer network.

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