Sana Guard 1: Super concentrated alkaline CIP detergent, the most powerful alkaline cleaner available

Sana Guard 1 is a concentrated, chlorine-free, liquid alkaline cleaner. This product belongs to the generation of concentrated BouMatic cleaning products especially formulated for automatic use with BouMatic Guardian wash systems. It is a strong detergent for milking systems and bulk tanks.

Usable with all Guardian pipeline washers and Sanidose systems, its high levels of sequestering agents and dual alkaline source deliver a MAXimum of cleaning power in most water hardness conditions. Sana Guard 1 provides very good cleaning of any type of milking systems throughout the year.

*Please verify product availability with your BouMatic dealer. Not all our products are available everywhere.


  • Perfect cleaning of milking systems throughout the year

    Sana Guard 1 provides very good cleaning of milking systems throughout the year, regardless of the characteristics of milking parlour and water hardness.

  • Usable with different methods
    • Expert method: The BouMatic method using 3 concentrates
    • Chlorine-free method: Cleaning method used where chlorine is not permitted
  • Very safe to use

    Thanks to automatic dosing, Sana Guard 1 is very safe to use.

  • Economical & environmentally friendly

    Sana Guard 1 can be used at 0.1% or higher. Consequently, you only need a small quantity of product per wash and you keep your can for a long time. Lowest cost per wash. Can be combined with Sana Guard 2, an active concentrated liquid chlorine cleaner for CIP wash systems.

  • Optimal adjustment of total alkalinity

    Sana Guard 1 allows optimal adjustment of total alkalinity without changing the chlorine concentration. Specific BouMatic Method

  • Optimized lifetime of your milking system

    Sana Guard 1 provides very good cleaning of milking systems and preserves your equipment to optimize its lifetime.