One Step CIP Acid Detergent

One Step CIP Cleaning is Now a Reality with Brilliance

Destroys fats, proteins and minerals in one wash cycle. Brilliance replaces the old acid and detergent routine with one powerful wash cycle and leaves the system sparkling clean. Gone is the traditional two-part wash cycle for cleaning the milking system. Brilliance saves time and water!

One Step CIP Acid Detergent

• Aids in the removal of teat sealant buildups from the milking system

• Acid and surfactant blends combined with Hydrogen Peroxide completely remove fats, proteins, and minerals from the milking system

• Saves Time, Saves Water

• Extreme Clean on Any Size Dairy

• Replaces Traditional Acid and Detergent

• Low-foam cleaning agent with a zero phosphate formula that inhibits bacterial growth between milkings

• Recommended starting dilution of 30 ml (1 oz.) to 4-8 liters (1-2 gallons) depending on water quality and soil