BouMatic milking products are your guarantee of consistent milk yields of the highest quality. BouMatic supplies milking claws, vacuum systems, milk pumps and liners for dairy farmers interested in quality, performance, comfort and optimal teat health for their livestock.

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Milking claws

Are you interested in buying a milking claw? The design of the BouMatic milking claw is revolutionary. The Flo-Star Xtreme and Flo-Star MAX set the gold standard in terms of milking performance, capacity, durability, ease of milking, and milking comfort.

The Flo-Star Xtreme claw is extra light, which makes life easier for the person doing the milking, especially during long shifts. The ingenious air inlet in the milking claw keeps the vacuum as stable as possible. The claw sways back and forth less violently, and milks the teat ends more gently. The stable airflow ensures milk flows rapidly from the claw. The Flo-Star Xtreme milking claw has no problems handling the rapid flows from high-yielding cows.

Flo-Star MAX milking claws fit wide, narrow, short and long udders, and can deal with irregular teat distribution. The design of the Flo-Star MAX inlet allows the milking claw to be emptied faster, resulting in a more stable vacuum. The narrow profile under the cow reduces the risk of the animal kicking the cluster off. The e-DIP system can be added to the Flo-Star MAX milking claw, for automatic dippings, cleaning, and disinfection.


Appropriate liners are vital to keep cow teats healthy, and have to be replaced regularly. Is it better to buy new liners or replace used liners? Use original BouMatic liners: the Magnum Flex, Magnum MX or Gascoigne Melotte.

BouMatic liners are made of a hard liner composite that barely swells, which prevents deformation of the mouthpiece. BouMatic liners fit Flo-Star milking claws and Visi claws. The Magnum 400MX liner prevents redness and swelling on teats, and can simultaneously milk more teats of different sizes. The Magnum Flex positions itself on the teat perfectly, and guarantees teats remain in good health. Gascoigne Melotte Liners are available for teat cups with straight and rounded bases.

Milk pump

If you need a new milk pump in your parlour, BouMatic supplies versions in every capacity for every milking system. The DualFlo is a centrally mounted swingover milking system designed for parallel parlours and herringbone parlours. The DualFlo's swing arm pivots from the centre of the parlour, so it can be used on both sides of the parlour. The DualFlo can be expanded with equipment such as milk meters, manual vacuum seal, and milk yield indicators per individual cow.

The AirStar DSL is a reliable, economical and eco-friendly vacuum pump system that offers excellent performance and simple maintenance. The BouVac vacuum controller limits air consumption to a minimum. Save up to 60% on energy bills by purchasing a BouMatic AC drive. This variable speed drive can speed up or slow down the vacuum pump, producing an airflow at the right velocity at all times during milking and flushing.