BouMatic Robotics is proud to drive further innovation to the robotic dairy industry with the development of its dual attachment technology. The new mechanical head is an eagerly anticipated update that allows the robot arm to fetch two cups at once, resulting in efficient arm movement and box performance. By reducing the arm movement, the dual attachment increases the cow throughput. This feature will now be standard equipment on all single-box and double-box robots.

2016 was the first full year operating BouMatic Robotics in the US market. In addition to obtaining the FDA’s approval, several upgrades were developed and applied to robots in 2016. BouMatic Robotics is distinct in its design that it is the only automated milker where the robot arm approaches through the hind legs. Accessing information at the robot was enhanced. Both the PC and the TouchScreen were updated to offer reliability improvements as well as a faster input response time. The TouchScreen size was increased to improve the user experience.

A post-dip sprayer was integrated in the floor grate in the MR-D1 milking robots. This separate spray mechanism avoids extra arm movement and allows the robot to multi-task by eliminating the need for the arm to apply the post dip to cows that have finished milking.

The Cow Tracker is an important multi-functional component that works with the robot arm to provide precise arm positioning. It also received an update. Spray nozzles were incorporated to facilitate cleaning animal waste away from the stall.

“ BouMatic Robotics - Introducing Dual Attachment ”