A good milk meter is essential in a milking system to obtain accurate measurements of milk production. This fall, BouMatic presented the first wireless ICAR-approved milk meter with free flow: the MagStream. We therefore zoom in on the 5 most important key points that a milk meter must offer:

1. Accuracy

Milk meters measure the amount of milk produced by each dairy cow. Accurate measurements are important for evaluating the milk production of individual cows and identifying any abnormalities.
The MagStream offers the portal ID system for animal identification, but it can also be equipped with Per-Place ID (antenna per stall). This ensures the highest accuracy in animal identification, yielding the highest data quality.

2. Efficient management of the livestock

By using milk meters, livestock farmers can monitor the milk production of each cow. This allows them to more efficiently manage the health and welfare of the herd, as they can quickly detect changes in milk production that could indicate health problems.

The Magstream milk meter is particularly animal-friendly. Thanks to its design, which guarantees a 100% free flow, the milk meter offers a stable vacuum and a very limited vacuum drop during the milking process, providing optimal comfort for the animals and resulting in consistently efficient milkings.

3. Ration optimization

With accurate milk production data, farmers can better adjust cow rations to promote optimal milk production. They can also respond quickly to any nutritional problems that may affect milk production.

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4. Detection of anomalies:

Milk meters can help identify abnormalities in milk production, which can indicate health problems such as mastitis. Early detection of such problems allows farmers to quickly implement interventions and ensure the health of the cows.

5. Automation of the milking process:

Modern milking systems use automated milk meters that make the milking process more efficient. This can lead to time savings for the livestock farmer and increased productivity.

The MagStream milk meter is also easy to install and maintain: The wireless design ensures simple installation and maintenance. The meter is plug-and-play, is automatically calibrated (statistically) and can be fully integrated into a milking installation, automation systems and cow management software.

In short, a good milk meter is crucial for effective management, where accurate measurements and data form the basis for good decision-making and optimization of the herd.

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