Another banner year for BouMatic

2022 World Dairy Expo

BouMatic once again was a Five-Star Sponsor for the 55th World Dairy Expo. Seen as the premiere event for the dairy industry, BouMatic is proud to be front and center at an event held in their own backyard.

Every year in early October, thousands gather in Madison, Wisconsin to take in the latest innovations and inspirations that are on display. This year, the vast BouMatic booth in the center of the trade show was filled, not just with orange and blue, but also with new partnerships providing our dealers and dairymen with the latest advances in dairy. BouMatic highlighted three new products in the booth that will be coming to the market in 2023:

  • SomaDetect – A milk meter that utilizes two pieces of technology working together: an optical sensor with cutting-edge computer vision and deep-learning algorithms.
  • MagStream Wireless Milk Meter (NEDAP) – Along with continuous and completely free milk and airflow, the MagStream meter records the milk yield and flow rate of individual cows during each milking with the highest accuracy.
  • Xcalibur 360EX 2.0 (BLOM) – Improvements have been made to the already rugged and powerful BouMatic rotary. To date, the largest rotary size installed by BouMatic has been 110 stalls. With our new rotary design, we are expanding our rotary assortment to sizes up to 150 stalls.

Each of these products were highlighted during the BouMatic Dealer Day featuring guests from respected companies.

With World Dairy Expo being the place to celebrate the triumphs of the dairy industry, BouMatic, takes the time to applaud the achievements of their dealer network at the BouMatic Dealer Reception. Over 170 guests attended from 15 different countries for an udderly delightful evening celebrating all things BouMatic.

WDE by the numbers.
WDE by the numbers.

Congratulations to the following dealers on reaching significant milestones with their service to the dairy industry:

InterParts.Co SAS, 5 years

Future Dairy Service, 5 years

Ordemilk Ltda. Epp, 10 years

South Valley Dairy Supply & Equipment, 10 years

Dairy Solution Private Limited, 15 years

New England Farm Systems Inc., 25 years

Agrochen International Co Ltd, 30 years

Distribution J.Y. St-Pierre Inc., 30 years

Depanneur Agricole St-Jean Inc., 35 years

Finger Lakes Dairy Services, 35 years

Farm Service B.V., 40 years

Equipos Lacteos Laguna, 40 years

Dortmans Bros, 40 years

Valley Dairy Farm Automation, 40 years

Avila Dairy Equipment, 45 years

Easton Dairy Equipment, 45 years

Nosawa and Co Ltd, 50 years

Ross Dairy Supply, 50 years

Turlock Dairy & Refrigeration, 50 years

Brown Dairy Equipment, 60 years

C F Heckmann Co, 70 years

Two BouMatic Dealerships also received recognition for their years of service to the dairy industry:

Chinook Dairy Service, 37 years

Easton Dairy Equipment, 45 years

Finally, congratulations to BouMatic’s own Gaston Grattarola on achieving 10 years as an Aftermarket Sales Manager. Gaston is responsible for Milk Quality Solutions in Latin America. ¡Felicidades Gastón!

Cheers to all on a successful 2022 at BouMatic!