17 Jun 2021



Together with our partner Galaxis, we offer you a top-class program in an online conference on June 17, 2021 from 5 p.m.

“ Trailer Milking Summit June, 17th: BouMatic & Galaxis ”

“ Online Milking Summit June 17th 2021- invitation by Uwe Osthues ”

Join us online on June 17 and gain insights on the optimization of your dairy farm!

We are excited to invite you to the online milking conference that will take place on June, 17 at 5pm CET. This event centered around milking technology optimization, udder health and labor efficiency is organized in partnership with Galaxis, an independent, digital knowledge provider for every dairy farm.

Farmer Ulrich Westrup, udder health expert Pamela Ruegg and the psychologist Daniela Ben Said will show you many tips and tricks in three exciting lectures on how to take your milking technology, work organization and staff management to the next level.
In addition, there will be lots of good insights and practical tips for robot and milking parlor operations in an exciting panel discussion.

The online conference will be held in German and English. You can switch languages during the event.

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Ulrich Westrup

Ulrich Westrup is a partner in Westrup-Koch GbR, which stands for progressive dairy farming and modern arable farming. Ulrich cares for his dairy cows and has relied on the latest international know-how for farm development since many years. Together with consultants and veterinarians, he has developed a very sensitive and efficient milking and udder health management system in recent years, with which he has been able to significantly improve the work efficiency in the milking parlor and the udder health of his cows, reducing the use of antibiotics. In his presentation, he will show you how he accomplished his goals and which tips you can use to improve work efficiency and udder health on your farm.

Pamela Ruegg

Pamela is one of the most renowned udder health specialists in the world. She holds chairs at Michigan State University and the University of Wisconsin. In her well-founded lectures, she combines the results of countless studies with practical approaches on progressive dairy farms. Through her intensive cooperation with many farms and her pragmatic approach, she gives you valuable impulses for improving your herd management in her lecture: "How to manage your cows and your team properly to improve the udder health of your animals".

Daniela Ben Said

Daniela Ben Said is one of Germany’s top trainers! As a happiness and communication expert for leadership, she works for many international companies and corporations. She is a trained psychologist and part-time farmer. With her refreshingly direct presentations, Daniela manages to reveal new impulses and strategies in order to achieve more with motivated and loyal employees. At our milking conference she will show you how to properly train and motivate your employees and how to better implement what they have learned!

Expert Talk

In an interactive panel discussion about modern and efficient milking, farmers and consultants ask themselves where the greatest potential for improvement lies in the milking parlor and in the robot and how this can be easily improved. You too can contribute your questions and your knowledge or acquire practical knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere.


Start - 5pm CET

Presentation 1 - 5.10pm CET
10 Minutes Break

Presentation 2 - 6.10pm CET
10 Minutes Break

Expert Talk - 7.25pm CET
10 Minuten Pause

Presentation 3- 8.15pm CET


About our partner Galaxis

Galaxis is an independent, digital knowledge provider for every dairy farm. With their webinars, online conferences and interactive videos, they take you and your team to the next level to help you make your business fit for the future. The Galaxis-team is very proud to provide you with high-quality knowledge for your agricultural company.


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You can't or don't manage to be there on time that day? No problem! If you register, you can tune in at any time and look at the missed lectures and campaigns afterwards.

By the way: In preparation for the conference, we will provide you with valuable tips and tricks on udder health in the next few weeks! So it is worth being here! Looking forward to your participation!