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Why choose the Gemini milking robot?

Immerse yourself in the real benefits

Today, the BouMatic milking robot has a bloodline that runs as deep as the modern dairy industry itself. Our track record of manufacturing high-quality milking systems started as early as the mid-19th century.
Today, that pioneering spirit endures. We continue to push the envelope with our guiding principles centered around the health of the animal, a dedication to scientific research, and the profitability of the milk producer.

to the cow and maintaining the highest quality of milk harvested is, and always will be, our focus. That is why our milking robot approaches automated milking from a completely different perspective. We have brought many years of experience with milking technology and best practices in milking, together into a cow focused milking machine, which is compact, durable, reliable and easy to operate and service.

EACH COW BENEFITS from the industry’s leading milking expertise integrated with a forward-thinking machine design. Discover more insights on this page!

The 5 major advantages of milking between the hind legs in a milking robot!

In the Gemini milking robot cow is milked between the hind legs. The dairy cow is approached in a similar way as in a side-by-side milking parlour. While the cow calmly eats, the milking robot approachesher from behind. It is also a safe place for the milker, in this case the robot arm, to milk cows and get them used to being milked. With a milking robot, everything is therefore completely automatic and relaxed.

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Optimal pre-treatment in the milking robot

Before milking starts, each teat must be prepared separately for the purpose of optimal teat cleaning, teat stimulation, stripping, maximum oxytocin production and release for the best milk let-down.

The entire pre-treatment process can take 60 to 90 seconds, which is as long as the cow needs for optimal oxytocin release.

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Grow your herd with a double box milking robot

Conventional robots are not suitable for French farms, as the average size of a dairy herd is 75 cows. One robot will quickly be saturated, especially if the herd is grazing. Two would be under-used, not to mention the amount of investment… BouMatic has the answer. The Gemini single box robot is suitable for around 60 cows and the double box for up to 110 cows.

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Robot milking and pasture grazing!

Can my cows continue to graze if I decide to milk with a robot? Yes, they can, if the size of the robot takes into account the time spent in the pastures, and if equipment such as sorting fences is installed to facilitate access. If you decide to milk with a robot, it doesn’t mean cows can no longer graze in a pasture. After all, it would be a waste not to exploit the accessible pasture area that keeps feed costs low and improves animal welfare. However, you do need to think carefully in advance about what milking system to choose, and the feeding details and method.

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Spend less time sifting through your data and easily follow up your dairy farm

It all starts with the OneView dashboard, which is a powerful and visually easy tool to interpret for monitoring your dairy farm! A variety of management information is provided on the spot, such as the cow fetch list, the milking attentions and your real time robot performance overview. Coloured alerts will help you to spot info that needs your immediate attention. Diagnostic screens provide users and technicians convenient access to data signals on your device (computer, smartphone or tablet) allowing your ability to optimize your Gemini robot system, saving you both time and money.

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