14 Sep 2021 → 31 Dec 2022



No time to visit a Gemini milking robot? No worries! We have created an innovative virtual tour for you so that you can take a look from a distance and fully "experience" the milking robot in all its facets. Moreover, no one can describe better what it is like to work with the Gemini milking robot than your own fellow dairy farmers! Discover their stories in the "Dairy farmers talk" page. Finally, we would like to give you some interesting insights about special themes such as udder pre-treatment and combining robot milking with pasture grazing.

Welcome to the Gemini experience!

Meet the BouMatic Gemini milking robot

The BouMatic milking robot, built on over 80-years of experience in best milking practices, cow focused and designed to take your dairy farm to the next level Your time is precious so experience it here!

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