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BouMatic Conventional Milking solutions
Fisher & Thompson Crew
Fisher & Thompson Crew

Established in 1983

Fisher & Thompson was started in 1983 by Rick Thompson and Amos Fisher. Today we have grown to over 100 industry experts located throughout the east coast.

When Rick and Amos first started the business in 1983, they were two friends working out of a two car garage who had a passion for supporting local dairymen. They had no idea they were building the backbone of the leading dairy service and equipment company on the east coast! When the company was joined by Merle Ressler years later, Merle’s drive and passion developed one of the most expansive route divisions in Pennsylvania. Today, the team is joined by General Manager Josh Bare, and IT Specialist Jason Waters. The leadership of these individuals has developed a company that is on the leading edge of dairy technology and is dedicated to supporting dairymen and women in all their endeavors.

We, at Fisher & Thompson, Inc., are committed to achieving excellence in the Dairy Industry by serving you, the customer, with Honor and Integrity beyond your expectations.