Find Your Cows On Time, Anytime

Heat detection on modern dairies can be a challenge. Both visual observation and synchronization protocols are time-consuming, labour-intensive and costly. The harder it is to find cows in heat, the more time—and money—you lose. BouMatic’s RealTime Activity offers you an easy-to-install, easy-to-use stand-alone activity monitoring system that gives you access to the most up-to-date herd data any time. So now you can breed your cows back sooner and with greater accuracy, maximizing your herd’s profits, and saving you time!

The HeatSeeker II is available in both leg and neck styles.


  • A reproductive management tool
    • Save time and labour costs
    • Increase pregnancy rates
    • Decrease days open
    • Decrease cull rates
    • Reduce services per conception
    • Reduce hormone usage
    • Decrease calving interval and increase milk production
  • Precision Engineering
    • HeatSeeker II monitors individual cow activity using state of the art motion sensing technology
    • Stores activity information every 2 hours throughout the day for better sensitivity
    • Tag can also be used for cow identification in the milking parlour, unlike most competitors
    • Uses BouMatic’s patented SmartEID™ programming to maintain consistent cow ID in the milking parlour
  • Software links
    • With HerdMetrix you can centralise all cow data such as activity, milk production, treatments and much more
    • You can also analyse them in a dashboard or technical-economical document