Easily control your feeding efficiency

EZ-Feed is a cost-effective, standalone out-of-parlour feeding controller. At the touch of a finger, you can feed your cows efficiently and obtain optimal feeding results. You can control your feeding process simply and easily with the compact and extremely user-friendly control panel.

Advantages at a glance

  • User-friendly
    • Easy to use keyboard
    • Backlit graphical LCD ensures excellent viewing
  • Increase your cost efficiency
    • Control your feeding costs
    • Save labour costs
    • Increase your milk yields
  • Adjust to your cows’ feeding needs
    • The extensive, programmable feeding curve contains maximum 6 phases, built around a fixed date such as the expected calving date. This way, you can easily build up a customized feeding curve for each cow or for a particular group of cows. Every step can be adjusted appropriately, like:
      • extra feeding before calving date
      • increasing feed after calving
      • slowly decreasing feed after reaching the lactation peak for instance
    • Programmable for up to 4 feed types
    • Feed dispensing adjustable to eating speed (on group level)
    • Ability to stop feed stations delivering feed at fixed times during the day (e.g. when the cows should be coming to the parlour).
  • Easy identification

    Identification with any ear-, neck- or leg ISO transponder

  • Compact design to use where it fits you

    The solid EZ-Feed control unit can be stationed in a dry place that suits you best, such as your office. EZ-Feed can be connected to any parallel printer, so you can print all feeding data and the residual feed data.