“ BouMatic Robotics - Gaec le Rocher - Frankreich ”

Jahr der Installation
28 liters /Kuh / Tag
Melkvorgänge pro Tag

At Gaec Le Rocher they visited a lot of other robots before they decided to choose for a BouMatic Robotics milking robot. It was mainly the milking between the rear legs that convinced them because they noticed that the cows did a lot less kicking at the robot compared to systems that milk from the side.
After milking for 5 years with a MR-S1 single robot, the dairy farm management decided to install a MR-D1 double box robot because their herd size had increased to more than 60 cows. They choose for the MR-D1 for the following criteria: the robot arm that fetches two cups at once, the attaching speed, the proximity of their dealer Lacta-Traite and the cost of maintenance.
“Since then, the work has become really flexible in fact because it’s much faster. We’ve gone from milking twice a day to 2.8, even 3 times. And we’re not only producing more milk but better quality milk, and we have a lot less cells,”’ explains Alexandre Serrant of Gaec Le Rocher. “We used to work all of us together every weekend. Now it’s one in every two weekends. We’re calmer, more serene,” he continues.

Seit wir den Roboter haben, ist est wirklich viel ruhiger im Stall

Alexandre Serrant, Gaec Le Rocher