The Streamline 360EX external rotary milking platform is designed for commercial dairy farms and large family farms milking 250 to 2,000 cows. The uncluttered platform design with new integrated cabinets at each stall is the foundation of the Streamline 360EX’s innovative concept.


  • Incomparable Cow Traffic

    Innovatively designed entrance lanes for function, comfort and efficiency. The open-concept vision, with low profile cabinets and large openings, invites the eager cow to the platform.

    The innovatively V-shaped fence has multiple advantages:

    • an even easier entry

    • maximizes use of stalls

    • eliminates need to stop and slow down platform for slow cows

  • Safe & Comfortable for the Operator and Cow
    • Operator safety: Offset top and bottom rear rails prevent from kicks and ensure a perfect cow positioning with ultimate udder access.
    • Cow safety: Cow entrance security system stops the rotary when a cow enters too slow ans is not entirely on the platform. This ensures cow safety without impacting cow flow and milking performance.
  • Ergonomic platform
    • Perfectly straight operator positioning
    • Safe work place
    • Clear visibility of udder and teats
    • Easy access to the automation display and rotary controls
  • Strong, Heavy-Duty Platform

    The platform moves on 2 circular l-beams and on custom designed nylon rollers without lubrication. The platform assembly turns on a rail track.

  • Integrated Cabinet at Each Stall

    Housing automation components, controls, cylinders and displays as well as a jetter tray which remains closed during milking for perfect hygiene.The cabinets have a low profile, offering a perfect ergonomic position. They are galvanized, for long life.

  • Smooth and Flexible Operation

    Electric drive system with adjustable speed allows for an efficient and durable external rotary option. This gives the operator more time for consistent prep routine. The operator can easily regulate the platform speed from the display.

    • Speed up
    • Slow down
    • Stop
    • Reverse

    All functions are controlled automatically or manually.

  • Optional full skirt around the platform

    To protect your equipment

    • Cleaner
    • Drier
    • Easier to clean

    Maintains your equipment investment and gives a crisp, professional look whether using the standard option plastic skirt or the upgraded stainless steel skirt.

  • Système de second tour disponible

    Le second tour de BouMatic fonctionne très simplement. Si besoin, une vache peut être maintenue sur la salle de traite rotative. Pour ce faire, via un distributeur prévu à cet effet, une barre vient se glisser à l’arrière du poste de traite pour retenir la vache. Ce second tour peut être programmé soit de manière automatique si le contrôleur SmartDairy détecte une absence de lait ou une traite en cours ; soit manuellement si l’opérateur souhaite revoir une vache pour une intervention.
    Grâce à sa conception simple (peu de pièces en mouvement), le second tour de BouMatic sera robuste dans le temps et ce, avec un faible entretien.

    Par ailleurs , ce système peut être aussi bien installé sur une machine neuve que sur du matériel existant.