The SmartFlo™ meter is packed with features and doesn’t restrict milk flow - preserving the highest quality milk, and harvesting gently, quickly and completely!

  • No restrictions

    With BouMatic’s flow-through design there are no restrictions in the
    milk flow path; will easily handle high milk yielding cows

  • Durable

    No moving parts or diaphragm to maintain

  • Accuracy

    Milk measurement provides meter accuracy

  • Easy to Clean

    With no restrictions or moving parts, the unit is cleaned easily, and will take less chemicals to clean because it does not need to be filled and dumped

  • Compatibility

    Works with the BouMatic shut off valve range for new and retrofit applications and is paired with the SmartLite™ detacher system

  • Cow Health Monitoring

    The SmartFlo has the ability to provide temperature and conductivity data to our new SmarConnect Controller

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