The Escorter 100 is engineered with intelligence to automatically advance as a string of cows exit a parallel or herringbone milking parlor or after cows have entered a rotary milking system. The intelligent Escorter 100 delivers gentle, effortless forward movement of its gate – the same proportional distance – to bring the next string of cows into position to enter the milking system. A good cow circulation is assured in a stress-free environment.


  • Saves time

    With the Escorter 100, no manual operation is needed. The operator can focus on milking routine instead of operating a manual crowd gate. When the last cow enters the milking system, the Escorter 100 safely and automatically lifts and returns to the entrance of the holding area for the next group of cows.

  • For Any Parlor Configuration

    For any type of Parallel, Herringbone or Rotary milking system.

  • Gentle and secure
    • The Escorter 100’s variable speed advance and return delivers the most gentle and secure handling of your cows.
    • All structures that are in contact with the cow are free of electricity which allows a stress-free cow movement to the parlor.
  • Automatic advance
    • On each exit
    • After pre-determined number of cows
  • Slurry option to gain cleaning time

    To gain time in stall cleaning, you can opt for an extra slurry mounted on the Escorter 100-gate. This will clean your waiting area at every end of the milking process.

  • Lifting gate option for multiple groups

    To separate cow groups well before they enter the parlor. When the last cow of the group has entered the milking parlor, the lifting gate comes back into the initial position and gently pushes the next group towards the parlor.