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Advantages at a glance

  • Advantage 1

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  • Advantage 3

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  • Economical

    BlueMAX Premium EU is probably the most economical solution to use.

  • Safe to use

    The BlueMAX product line contains an active disinfection complex: chlorine dioxide, known for its fast action.

  • >15% Skin conditioners

    The BlueMAX Premium EU formula is not only very effective against pathogens but also contains 15% special emollients protecting the teat skin day after day, milking after milking. BlueMAX Premium EU is formulated with optimum lactic acid levels to protect the teat ends and prevent hyperkeratosis.

  • Formulated with e-Bond™ technology

    BlueMAX Premium EU eliminates the waste and inconvenience of mixing required with all other 2-component chlorine dioxide teat dips. Moreover, BlueMAX Premium EU remains effective for a period of 6 months minimum!