Premium Concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide Pre-Dip

A concentrate pre-dip with three germicides to raise your pre-dip power to the 3rd power while still providing excellent teat conditioning. BouMatic OxyBlend3 a new pre-milking teat dip provides a new solution for teat dip needs.

The product uses hydrogen peroxide, lactic acid and DDBSA and combines them with additives that work together to boost bactericidal efficacy. Thorough testing demonstrated the product’s killing power with 6 log kill rate on there of the leading mastitis-causing pathogens – E. coli, S. aureus and S. agalactiae.

Its ingredient package also contains glycerin along with products commonly used in the industry to promote optimal skin condition. The light orange color of the teat dip is visible on teats to ensure that a good coverage was achieved. The pre-dip can be dipped, sprayed or foamed depending on individual farm preference.

Being a concentrate provides a significant cost savings versus traditional ready-to-use dips. And the formulation is NPE-Free to meet all environmental obligations.

Herds will benefit from the superior protection and will see healthier, softer, smoother teat ends after the first weeks of use.

Hydrogen Peroxide Teat Dip Concentrate

  • 0Combines hydrogen peroxide, lactic acid, and DDBSA to boost bacterial efficacy
  • 6 log kill rate on mastitis causing pathogens in 15 seconds in testing
  • Contains glycerin to promote optimal skin conditioning
  • See healthier, softer, and smoother teat ends after the first weeks of use
Gentle for optimal skin conditioning.
Gentle for optimal skin conditioning.