Capture waste heat energy from your refrigeration system to provide hot water while allowing your compressor to run more efficiently. A heat recovery system is a double-walled heat exchanger with a water storage tank that captures lost heat from your cooling system to heat your water for free. The heated water is then stored in the system until it is needed. The Opti-Stor Heat Recovery System is recognized as the innovative leader in heat recovery technology.

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How Our System Works

An Opti-Stor® Heat Recovery System recovers wasted energy and converts it to free hot water.

A typical cooling system removes heat from the area that needs to be cooled. Without an Opti-Stor® Heat Recovery System, this removed heat, or energy, is just dissipated to the surrounding area or exhausted. It is wasted.

The Opti-Stor® system uses this “waste” energy to heat water. The result is free hot water that can be used for dishwashers, laundry facilities, cleaning, and more.

What Is Heat Recovery?

1: Maximum Heat Transfer

The Opti-Stor® “hot plate” heat exchanger provides the maximum heat transfer surface area while minimizing the refrigerant pressure drop.

2: Quick Recovery

The “stratified” tank, with the hottest water near the top, allows for quick recovery and efficient heat transfer. This maximizes the availability of the hot water. Opti-Stor® tanks also operate at low temperatures, maximizing efficiency and preventing scaling.

  • SIMPLE OPERATION Opti-Stor® tanks have no motors or pumps, making them extremely easy to operate and maintain. Optional auxiliary electric resistance backup is also available.
  • COMPRESSOR PROTECTION Opti-Stor® tanks extend the life of cooling units, due to the fact that compressors don’t need to work as hard to remove heat. As a result, compressors and condenser fans don’t need to run as often.
    The entire system occupies minimal space; it heats and stores the water in a single unit.

3: Long Life

The industrial glass-lined water storage tank resists corrosion. It also has two replaceable anodes for extra protection. Plus, Opti-Stor® tanks come with a full five-year warranty on the heat exchanger and water tank.

4: Certifications and Approvals

Opti-Stor® hot water tanks are thoroughly tested and listed by Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc (UL). They meet all codes required for double-wall vented heat exchangers. CSA approved units are available. Foam-in-place 2″ insulation (R16) meets ASHRAE 90 standards.

  • FLEXIBILITY Opti-Stor® units fit any refrigeration system. They can accommodate compressor systems from ½ hp to 100 hp or more. Multiple units can be piped together to match refrigeration capacity and hot water demand.
  • ENERGY AND COST EFFICIENCY By expanding the condensing surface of a cooling system, Opti-Stor® tanks improve the efficiency of both air-cooled and water-cooled condensers. An Opti-Stor® unit connected to an air-cooled condenser reduces heat, which maximizes compressor efficiency. A water cooled-condenser connected to an Opti-Stor® tank requires less cooling water. In either case, this means double savings: reduced water or electricity costs — and free hot water.



  • In a milk cooling system without an Opti-Stor® Heat Recovery System, the refrigerant removes the heat from the milk being cooled and that valuable heat escapes into the air. With an Opti-Stor® Heat Recovery System, the refrigerant carrying the heat passes through the double-walled heat exchanger surrounding the water storage tank and heats up the water.


  • High-quality, durable glass lining with two anodes for corrosion protection. The industrial glass-lined water storage tank resists corrosion and has replaceable anodes for extra corrosion protection. Every new Opti-Stor® Heat Recovery System has a five-year limited warranty.


  • The Opti-Stor® Heat Recovery System also provides additional condensing surface which improves refrigeration efficiency because compressor efficiency goes up as condensing temperatures go down. The end result is faster cooling and prolonged compressor life.


  • The Opti-Stor® is available in 80 or 120-gallon capacities. The Opti-Stor® II-80 is designed for single compressor operation. The Opti-Stor® II-120 is designed for one or two compressor operations. The Opti-Stor® III-120 includes a thermostatically controlled 6,000-watt electric heating element to boost water temperature into the 170° to 180° range.