Wireless Milk Meter

The MagStream meter ensures a continuous and completely free milk and air flow. This meter has the lowest occurrence of vacuum drops and fluctuations of any meter of the market today. Thanks to advanced technologies used for power management, data communication and recording, it is the first milk meter that is completely wireless.

The MagStream meter records the milk yield and flow rate of individual cows during each milking with the highest accuracy. It empowers dairy farmers with operational and strategic performance insights and controls various automated processes in the milking parlor.

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100% FreeFlow

The MagStream meter is the only meter through which milk and air flow completely freely. Minimal vacuum fluctuations or flow obstructions are caused, which significantly benefits udder health, cow comfort, milk quality, milking speed and flow capacity.


The MagStream meter is the very first wireless milk meter, thanks to advanced data communication and power supply. The results? Installation made easier than ever, no malfunctioning due to wiring issues and a clean configuration and appearance of the parlor.


The software is designed with a clear goal for the milker in mind: to make the milking process as simple and fast as possible, by providing the right insights and controls at the right time and place in the most user-friendly way possible.

Robust and Reliable

The high-quality products are build to withstand all the challenges of the parlor environment and contain hardly any moving and wearing parts. They operate on our proven management platform, renowned for its reliability.

Easy Installation and Integration

The MagStream excels in ease of installation, implementation and integration. It is plug-and-play, quickly calibrated (statistically) and can be fully integrated with your milking installation, farm automation systems and herd management software programs.

ICAR certified

The MagStream reaches the highest standards in accuracy and we don’t settle for less. It is ICAR certified, ensuring top performance when it comes to accuracy, hygiene and more.