Guardian II : Pipeline washer

The Guardian II automatically cleans and sanitizes your system after each milking shift. Designed as a clean-in-place wash system, the Guardian II combines the actions of an efficient wash controller with the security of an internal monitoring system.

With this wash system, five wash cycles can be programmed to include the wash phases with settings you want. Due to this flexibility, the Guardian II can be customized for any system being installed.

The Guardian II washer was the first clean in place washer in the market place. Its reliability, programmability and safety features allow you to customize any wash system large or small for maximum efficiency.


  • Customized wash cycle
    • Programmable electronic control
    • Five wash cycles that can be customized to include the wash phases you want
    • Six auxiliary outputs that can be custom programmed
    • Easy programming
  • Clear wash status information
    • Large graphical display
    • Information about cycle status and wash solution temperature
  • Security
    • Stainless steel enclosures
    • Peristaltic chemical pumps mounted in separate enclosure for reduced chemical handling
    • Access code for security
    • Temperature sensor to control and display the water temperature in the sink
  • Precise and efficient system
    • Accurately dispenses chemicals up to 22 oz (660 ml) per minute
    • Three automatic sanitize start times
  • Configurable according to the wishes of the farmer
    • Displays Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish
    • Can display both U.S. standard and metric units. Ability to utilize concentrated chemicals
    • Optional additional detergent pump for large systems
    • Can be used with an RS-232 printer to display wash temperatures during the wash cycle
    • Replaceable PROM software for future product enhancements UL, CSA and CE rated