BedCide™ is a premium dairy bedding conditioner to improve the environment and comfort of your herd.

Dairy Bedding Conditioner

  • A key to high production is how much time cows lay down. Healthy cows spend a large percentage of their time lying down. Proper care of their bedding is a vital aspect of overall dairy hygiene and one not to overlook
  • Enhances the environment for the cows, made with Eucalyptus and Yucca plant extracts, it helps reduce noxious ammonia odors found in the stall area and ensures a healthier, more comfortable space
  • Dramatically reduces moisture content in the bedding slowing the rate of degradation associated with moisture
  • Accelerates the conversion of manure into Nitrogen when manure from the bedding area is spread on fields
  • Safe and easy to use, no special handling or equipment requirements, can be applied by hand
  • More absorbent than lime and requires only a few ounces per stall compared to the several pounds of lime that would be required
  • Absorbs more moisture than the competition! BedCide absorbs 370 percent more moisture than Sani-Bed™ and 550 percent more than Zorbisan™! *