BouMatic introduced its new GEMINI milking robot recently in June. This has now been followed by last week's launch of a completely updated management system using a web application called OneView. This tool gives dairy farmers even easier access to an extremely clear overview of the robot, herd and cow performance data. The system can be configured and optimised to suit specific needs. These new improvements will be implemented in phases for all dairy farmers with a BouMatic milking robot. This development demonstrates that BouMatic milking robots can be updated in line with the latest technology.

OneView, a complete management system for the optimal dairy farm

OneView is the name for a completely renewed web application. This complete Gemini milking robot management system transforms all robot, cow and herd performance data into user-friendly tools. All data is clearly displayed using graphs. OneView can be accessed online on all mobile devices all over the world.

The user has immediate access to a variety of management information, such as the cow fetch list, the milking attentions and the real-time robot performance overview. Coloured alerts will help spot information that needs immediate attention. Diagnostic screens provide users and technicians with convenient access to data signals on the device (computer, smartphone or tablet) allowing dairy farmers to optimise the Gemini robot system, saving both time and money.

More accurate attachment

The milking robot's arm movements are further optimised to make attaching the cups even more accurate. As it approaches the udder, the arm now assumes the lowest possible teat placement, so the camera can quickly detect low teats as well. Teat recognition has also been improved.

Install updates yourself

The software update enables dairy farmers to install updates themselves via push messages. Previously, updates had to be implemented online or by a technician, however now dairy farmers can benefit from the latest software functionality more quickly.

Sorting options

The new update offers almost limitless sorting options and a solution for every dairy farm. With OneView, numerous sorting operations (up to 90 sorting points) and configurations can be defined using different data criteria such as time, calendar, alerts, general cow information, etc.

Sensory tools: as if milk could talk!

OneView also communicates with the dairy farmer about the milk quality through all sensory tools. The sensors transmit all the necessary information, such as milk flow, somatic cell count, colour and conductivity. Ultimately, this milk quality analysis informs the dairy farmer on his management performance and provides the necessary insight to enable intervention and adjustment when needed.

Available now

The OneView Management System is widely available from today. It represents a giant step forward for users of the BouMatic milking robot.

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