For decades BouMatic has offered the heat recovery tanks to our dealer network and the marketplace under the name Therma-Stor, our former sister-company. Today we would like to inform you that this year we reached an agreement with Therma-Stor for BouMatic to again produce the Heat Reclaim Water Systems under our BouMatic name. With this change, we have a newly branded name for the product, Opti-Stor™ Heat Reclaim Recovery Tanks.

The new product name fits with our current ‘Opti-‘ family of refrigeration and milk transfer products such as Opti-Kool and Opti-Flo. The product itself has not changed at all, including manufacturing equipment, components, production staff, tank appearance, and even label appearance. Opti-Stor branded tanks are now being produced in the BouMatic, Madison factory. We are confident the transition for this long-successful product will be a seamless one for the marketplace.

Your recent receipts of the heat recovery tanks now display the new Opti-Stor name. Again, please know the specifications, model numbers and part numbers remain the same as in the past. And most importantly, we have the same experienced manufacturing staff that will be building the top-quality systems you have come to expect.

New literature, product pages on and related information are being updated at this time and will be posted as it becomes available. We are looking forward to continuing to supply you with BouMatic heat recovery for your upcoming projects and business needs