Strangko, a BouMatic subsidiary since 2007 and specialist in slurry management since the 1970s, has recently added a range of slurry transformation equipment to its existing product range. The new Strangko by BouMatic range offers a wide selection of products for handling livestock manure: shredding pumps, submersible pumps, submersible agitators, phase separators, spiral pumps and hygienisers. The wide range offered by Strangko enables it to provide both a technical and an economical solution for handling manure.

The future is green

The Strangko subsidiary and the products it offers enable BouMatic to engage in an environmental approach. The overall proposition allows farm management to incorporate both economic as well as environmental aspects.

“The new European CAP regulations will be centred around agro-environmental measures for the 2023/2030 period. A new challenge lies ahead for our farmers, and BouMatic has the solutions required to tackle them!”, proclaims Sébastien Sené, BouMatic's European product manager for manure handling.

The Strangko by BouMatic range comprises the following products:

Vertical shredding pump – a compact 4-in-1 system

The mixed pump offers a compact but complete solution for slurry management in the pit. The range allows you to pump, blend, transfer and mix.

Submersible shredding pump – shred different-sized fibres

For managing slurry as well as thicker manure. The pump is composed of adjustable blades. Adjusting the contra-rotating blades allows you to shred different-sized fibres contained in manure (e.g. blades of straw/long fibres).

Submersible agitators and slalom – powerful stirring for a homogeneous product

The Strangko agitator is equipped with a three-blade propeller, which enables a higher volume per hour to be stirred than with a two-blade agitator using the same power capacity. Therefore, this means faster stirring and an energy gain of up to 15%.

In addition, the blades can be used in both directions, that is, to suck up or push back the manure. This feature is particularly useful when the slurry is more viscous.

Piston pump – for thick manure

The Strangko piston pump is driven by a hydraulic power unit. This enables it to be used for moving slurry, even of a semi-thick consistency.

The transfer distance varies based on the consistency of the slurry. When the slurry is well mixed, it can even be transferred by the pump over a distance of 1 kilometre.

Cyclone and spiral – macerator with built-in separator

Having the cyclone attached to the spiral pump enables a homogeneous product with equal-sized particles to be produced while separating out foreign bodies. The performance of the phase separator is increased as a result.

Phase separators

Phase separators separate the slurry into 2 elements:

  • Solid: Easy to transport, less bulky in storage, odour-free, excellent fertiliser or bedding. The phase separator allows phosphorus and nitrogen, which are very polluting elements, to be concentrated in the compost. A product with a dry matter content ranging from 25% to over 40% can be obtained.
  • Liquid: Easy to pump and spread (slurry tank or via an irrigation system). Depending on local regulations, greater flexibility in spreading can be achieved.

The separator is available in 2 different models. The standard is the first choice for farmers who want to gain up to 30% more storage volume in their slurry pit. The solid residue is then spread on crops as fertiliser. The HD is recommended for farmers who want to use the solid material as bedding or compost. In this case, the aim is to obtain a product with a high dry matter content and to have a stable product after fermentation.

Our environmental approach
Our Strangko phase separator enables us to engage in an agro-environmental approach.

  • Reduction in air pollution as a result of the phase separator – phosphorus and nitrogen are concentrated in the solid phase. This enables a reduction in emissions of these two highly polluting components into the atmosphere.

Mobile phase separators

Strangko has developed a phase separation solution that is specially adapted to machinery syndicates. In essence, this range has been designed to permit easier mobility.

BC Composter (hygieniser) – for healthy, stable compost. An alternative to straw and a solution for animal comfort.

Coupled with the HD phase separator, the Bedding Composter offers a complete solution for farmers who want to produce compost or bedding for their animals. It also enables a reduction in NH3 odours and a considerable reduction in fine particle emissions.

Once the effluent has entered the phase separator, the solid matter falls into a drum for a duration of 24 to 72 hours. In accordance with European regulations on hygienisation, no external heat is necessary to accelerate fermentation. In fact, the solid matter rises to a temperature of over 70°C as a result of its own bacteria. They help to accelerate the exothermic fermentation of aerobic bacteria. The aerobic bacteria are then destroyed and mineralise the organic components.

The Bedding Composter is a cutting-edge system. The temperature, humidity and oxygen levels are all controlled during the fermentation process. The various settings are accessible via a control panel, online or even on your smartphone.

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