First contract signed with new dealer Boissinot-Elevage in Bretagne, France.

BouMatic’s division of manure handling systems has recently also entered into new markets of indoor livestock farming (pigs and poultry). The comprehensive manure handling range, comprised of tractor and electrical pumps and mixers, phase separators and elevators is actually suitable for any type of manure.

BouMatic recently started up a partnership with the French dealer Boissinot-Elevage in Mauléon who will further develop sales in this particular range in the region of Vendée (85), Les Deux Sèvres (79), Maine et Loire (49) and Loire-Atlantique (44) in France. The west region is a leading breeding region in France covering up to 65% of the French pig market, there is a high demand for manure handling systems in that area.

Sebastien Sene, BouMatic’s manure handling market manager, says : ‘Entering into these new markets allows the company to expand our horizon in an expanding and increasingly dynamic global agricultural market. Our manure handling range for the bovine markets has gained a wealth of experience and meanwhile established a solid brand recognition. We actually got inspired by the demands of the pig farmers themselves, who approached us with their questions. The pig breeders are looking for durable manure handling systems to reduce time-consuming tasks, allowing a better use of manure for crop fertilization. Since we had the solutions available, on hand, we decided to meet to their needs.

In the next 2 years, European environmental standards for effluent treatment will be stricter. We will have to be professional in the face of this request.»

BouMatic meanwhile continues to develop the manure handling range and is planning on offering solutions for renewable energy production. Furthermore new geographical markets will be explored in Europe but also in the USA.

«The opportunities are clearly present. The manure processing legislation and restriction of the application of phosphorus in particular is high on the agenda of most of the European countries. We are convinced and determined to offer future proof solutions to indoor livestock farmers to handle this challenge. », concludes Sebastien Sene.


  • As of January 2020 all deliveries of scrapers will be accompanied by an aluminium farm display representing the manure handling system logo.

  • As of January 2020, two new fleece vests with the manure handling logo will be available in the BouMatic webshop